MasterChef episode 17 2019 – UK

MasterChef episode 17 2019 – UK

MasterChef episode 17 2019 – UK It’s the end of Knockout Week and the competition has now been whittled down to ten extremely talented amateur cooks – all of whom are desperate to reach the MasterChef semi-finals.



In the MasterChef kitchen, the ten remaining cooks are split in to two teams of five. Each team has only one challenge: to cook a three course meal – but in relay. With no communication permitted, each team member will have just 20 minutes to plan, create and cook a starter featuring scallops, a main course with chicken and a dessert celebrating brown sugar. The stakes are high because the winning team will automatically become semi-finalists. The losing team will have to fight it out next week to see if they can earn a semi-final place. One wrong step and their dream of raising the MasterChef 2019 trophy could be over.

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