MasterChef episode 20 2019 – The Professionals

MasterChef episode 20 2019 – The Professionals

MasterChef episode 20 2019 – The Professionals: The four finalists are challenged to create a single exceptional and evocative dish inspired by a place that is special to them.



It is finals week and the excitement is palpable with the finish line in sight. After six weeks of intense culinary battles, four exceptionally talented chefs remain from the original 48. The chefs need to excel in order to convince the judges, Gregg Wallace, Monica Galetti and Marcus Wareing. Only one chef can be crowned MasterChef: The Professionals champion of 2019.

In tonight’s penultimate challenge, the four remaining chefs fight to secure their place to be one of the final three, and the opportunity of a lifetime to work in the kitchen of one of the world’s leading chefs, Jose Avillez, who has put Portuguese gastronomy on the map. Only three can take the next step: being sent to Lisbon to learn from Michelin-starred Avillez at his flagship restaurant, Belcanto.

The judges begin by setting the four finalists a brief in the MasterChef kitchen – creating a single exceptional and evocative dish inspired by a place that is special to them. In 90 minutes, they strive to cook the best dish of thMasterChef episode 20 2019 – The Professionalseir professional lives. At this point in the competition, the judges’ scrutiny is intense, and one finalist is sent home.


MasterChef episode 20 2019 – The Professionals


The remaining three finalists then travel to Lisbon to experience cooking alongside chef Jose Avillez, immersing themselves in the culture and cuisine of this Portuguese trailblazer. His culinary genius lies in drawing out the best in both contemporary and heritage Portuguese gastronomy.

First, the three finalists are given a masterclass on the history, passion and techniques that inform chef Jose’s food philosophy. The chefs then use this to inspire their choices when they take a trip to an historical food market. Using ingredients from the market, they then create their own dish for chef Jose to taste. They must show that their immersion in his cuisine and culture can be interpreted to deliver a dish worthy of this legendary chef.

After this challenge, in the biggest test of their professional careers, the three finalists must join chef Jose’s brigade of chefs during a packed lunchtime service. The pressure intensifies as they are tasked with creating two exceptional dishes each in a six-course menu for the exacting restaurant full of diners, which includes friends and colleagues from across Avillez’s empire of Lisbon restaurants. Their dishes also face the judgement of Marcus, Monica and Gregg, who have joined the guests.

This is the most terrifying and demanding service the chefs have ever faced, and they cannot afford to falter for a second. The rewards, however, could be huge. They must return with the inspiration and appetite to push themselves right to the top – with the ultimate goal being to take home the title of MasterChef: The Professionals 2019.

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