Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets – Charcuterie episode 5


Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets – Charcuterie episode 5, in this carnivorous episode, Raymond shares his love of the art of charcuterie: cooked or preserved meats. To begin, wafer-thin slices of duck ham cured in herbs and juniper berries are joined by crispy lardons to create a delicious dish packed with crunch and flavour.



Next, a rich, buttery chicken liver parfait with a zesty, spicy coating, which is simple to make but satisfying to savour. Pot-au-feu is a one-pot French classic, a meaty medley slow-cooked in a velvety broth bursting with intense juices.

Finally, an eye-catching ham hock terrine showcasing a mosaic of marbled meat and vibrant vegetables served with tangy home-made pickles.

Charcuterie expert Alex McKay visits Raymond’s kitchen to sample his cherished terrine, and Raymond also travels to Wales to meet James Swift, a passionate charcuterier who has developed a British version of one of Raymonds charcuterie favourites from home: saucisse de Morteau. Will it live up to the taste Raymond knows and loves?

Celebrated chef Raymond Blanc invites the cameras into his kitchen to share his treasured cooking secrets. Filmed in the lively surroundings of his working Oxfordshire kitchen, the series features a range of inspirational and achievable recipes for cooks of all abilities.

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