Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets – Pudding episode 4


Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets – Pudding episode 4 is a treat for the taste buds as Raymond celebrates his passion for puddings, sweet and savoury. To kick off there is a French childhood favourite, riz au lait, a velvety vanilla rice pudding with a crunchy caramel topping and a tangy fruit compote. Next is another French classic, tarte tatin. Glossy caramelised apples embedded in golden puff pastry create a sumptuous dessert and comforting finale to any meal.



Moving on to savoury, Raymond prepares a heart-warming dish perfect for a chilly night, a suet pudding filled with succulent steak, juicy kidneys and creamy oysters all drenched in a rich red wine gravy. To round off, Raymond gives a French twist to a British institution – fruit crumble. Juicy red fruits laced with caramel are topped with a lid of golden crumble and a refreshing raspberry sorbet.

Raymond visits cookery writer and chef Sophie Grigson who teaches him how to make a traditional English Sussex pond pudding and top sommelier Jonathan Ray shows him how to match the perfect wine with the perfect pudding.

Celebrated chef Raymond Blanc invites the cameras into his kitchen to share his treasured cooking secrets. Filmed in the lively surroundings of his working Oxfordshire kitchen, this programme features a range of inspirational and achievable recipes for cooks of all abilities.

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