Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets – Spices and Chillies episode 6

Spices and Chillies

Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets – Spices and Chillies episode 6, in this episode, Raymond draws upon memories of his travels through Asia to create dishes full of fragrant spice and fiery heat. To kick off, a mouth-wateringly fresh green papaya salad with the sweet crunch of pomegranate and a tangy dressing of chilli and lime.



The inspiration for Raymond’s next dish comes from no further than his own kitchen. Indian vegetable curry infused with a complex blend of masala spices is one of his much-loved family recipes. Next tender, slow-cooked pork belly marinated in a Chinese-style blend of aromatic spices with a crisp, crunchy crackling, drenched in an intense meaty broth.

To round off Raymonds trip down memory lane a stunning dessert of pasta-free ravioli encasing exotic fruits and soft panacotta served with a cool coconut sorbet. Ever willing to learn, Raymond visits Sri Owen, an expert in Indonesian cuisine who gives him a master class in traditional Balinese spicing before they savour an Indonesian feast of slow-cooked, marinated duck.

Celebrated chef Raymond Blanc invites the cameras to his bustling Oxfordshire kitchen to share cooking secrets he has gathered and treasured over the past thirty-five years. The programme features a range of recipes for cooks of all abilities that are inspirational, yet achievable.

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