Reef Wrecks episode 5 – Mexico’s Artificial Reefs

Mexico's Artificial Reefs

Shy sweepers, territorial grouper, and the world’s largest fish, the whale shark, all have one thing in common: They love a good shipwreck. Explore the sunken ships off the Yucatan Peninsula as they slowly transform into coral reefs, becoming a surprising and much-needed source of food and shelter.



Mexico’s Artificial Reefs

The new artificial reef in Mexico’s Riviera Maya is currently under construction by an expert team of engineers, environmentalists, architects and specialized divers.

Longer than the Brooklyn Bridge, Kan-Kanán will span a 1.9-kilometer area parallel to the coast of reef construction Puerto Morelos. From the air, this monumental reef looks like a huge serpent guarding the coast, giving birth to its name: Kan-Kanán, which means “The Guarding Serpent” in Mayan

Commissioned by the El Dorado Royale & Spa, and Karisma hotels resorts – located in Mexico’s Riviera Maya construction began on the artificial reef in October of 2013 and is due for completion by December of this year. The aim of the project is to support marine life that is found throughout the area, in addition to protecting the hotel complex from waves and storms.

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