The Beechgrove Garden episode 19 2016

Beechgrove Garden episode 19 2016

Welcome to the Beechgrove Garden episode 19 2016 on probably our one and only really hot summer’s day. A sparkling summer bedding display dazzles the eye this week in the Beechgrove Garden. More colour comes from Calla lilies and Black Eyed Susans in Carole’s 6 x 8ft greenhouse, and it is tasting and testing time for Jim’s tomatoes. Chris dons his waders and is planting in the pond.



On his second visit to Tillycoultry allotments Jim looks at the communal greenhouses on the site, and finds out about the tuition sessions which help the ‘plotters’ use a range of garden machinery.


Beechgrove Garden episode 19 2016:


Pond Planting

Chris planted the bog garden with a new planting scheme 2 months ago (episode 16 ). The planting here was chosen to be predominately water loving plants or moisture loving plants; those plants which like to have their feet in damp soil. It was now time to start planting up the Main Pond on the other side of the bridgwith true aquatic plants. The Main Pond was cleared out over the winter by the gardening team and there is always the danger that the balance of the pond is disturbed during such a major revamp, but remarkably, this pond has managed to keep its balance well. Before we descend into autumn it is best to clean out ponds of any invasive weeds.


It has been a very difficult year this year for tomatoes as the summer had been cold and wet and then in late August early September, the low temperatures were followed by really high temps, today it was 25C. Jim’s challenge this year was to grow a range of varieties using a number of growing methods. Jim compared some of these growing methods.

Handy Hints

Jim was looking at a plant which costs a fortune in high end restaurants known as Agretti or land seaweed or salt wort. We decided to grow some at Beechgrove – unfortunately Jim felt it tasted rather like grass!

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