The Beechgrove Garden episode 22 2016

Beechgrove Garden episode 22 2016

In the Beechgrove Garden episode 22 2016, Jim is in the veggie plot still managing to crop late veg and it’s also hedge cutting time of year and Jim sets about the conifer hedge and the pleached lime.



Carole is with Mieke Guijt and family in rural Aberdeenshire helping her once again to garden on a budget. This week Carole encourages Mieke to lift and divide plants from friend’s gardens and in this case, the friends are Beechgrove. Continuing the budget theme, Carole then visits Mari Reid in Ardersier, whose whole garden is full of money-saving ideas while still managing to be penny-pinching pretty.


Beechgrove Garden episode 22 2016:


Mini fruit collection

We are conscious that many new gardens have the challenge of growing fruit in a small space. At Beechgrove we are growing a new mini fruit collection in a border measuring 1metre wide by 5 metres long. To get a good crop you need to know the growing conditions as well as the plants themselves. Some of these plants were totally new to us at Beechgrove so Jim advised planting them and leaving them for a year to see what happens. Blueberries and strawberries will be fine. However, with the other plants it is a different story. Jim pointed out the raspberries which were behaving in different ways.

Gardening on a Budget

In the fourth visit of the series Gardening on a Budget Carole created a new herb garden for Mieke. They started their search for herbs at Beechgrove in the herb garden where there were a number of suitable candidates for lifting and splitting. Herbs for free, with tree onions, a variegated marjoram and chives ‘Pink Perfection’ were on the hit list.

Sweetcorn and tomato tasting

It was time to blind taste the sweetcorn and 2 types of cherry tomatoes that Carole has grown in the Keder polytunnel this year. The variety ‘Sungold’ is well known as a super sweet variety with yellow fruits. A new pretender was tasted, ‘Sweet Aperitif’ is a red, sweet variety. Carole and Jim tasted both and still preferred ‘Sungold’.


This time of year is hedge trimming time again. But first Jim reviewed the evergreen conifers used as hedging observation. Thuja occidentalis ‘Holmstrup’ or white cedar is columnar plant whichtends to be grown in pots as single specimens. This means it can be expensive for a large hedge but here it has formed an upright
attractive hedge which requires little clipping and maintenance.

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