The Beechgrove Garden episode 24 2016

Beechgrove Garden episode 24 2016

In Beechgrove Garden episode 24 2016, Jim, Carole and George are on the road again as they visit Strathkinness, the Best Kept Small Village in Fife, for the final Beechgrove Roadshow of the series. The villagers invited Beechgrove to enjoy the horticultural highlights of one of the sunniest places in Scotland.



The Beechgrove Garden episode 24 2016


In the village hall the community gathers to try and test the gardening know-how of Jim, Carole, George and Brian Cunningham (head gardener at Scone Palace), as they find out what grows and possibly what doesn’t in the area and answer as many questions as possible in a Beechgrove Gardener’s question time.

Jim, Carole, and Georgewere not in the Beechgrove garden this week but were on the road in the last of three special Beechgrove Roadshow programmes this series. It was the end of September when the team visited the ‘Best Kept Village in Fife’ – Strathkinness: and the first stop on their tour was at a spectacular 65 acre field, full of broccoli all ready for harvest.

They were standing on the ‘High Road’ – with a spectacular view of St Andrews which is 3 miles to the East of Strathkinness. This area has what’s described as a ‘temperate maritime’ climate and is particularly sheltered and relatively dry as it is protected by near by mountain ranges. In winter there is frost but snow is rare.
For Scotland, this is also a sunny place. Averaging 1,500 hours of sunshine a year which is amongst the highest for Scotland, and comparable to inland parts of Southern England. Strathkinness is about the furthest north where annual levels of sunshine above 1500 hours are recorded.

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