The Beechgrove Garden episode 8 2015

The Beechgrove Garden episode 8 2015

In the The Beechgrove Garden episode 8 2015 , Jim hopes to catch up with the veg planting that he wasn’t able to do last week in the torrential rain.



Carole and Jim are also back in their side-by-side 6 x 8 greenhouses pricking out and planting. George helps Josine Atsma in Glendevon to create a new bog garden and plants it up with moisture-loving perennials. Carole visits Peter and Gill Hart in Fife.

They have 20 acres of woodland, the floor of which at this time of the year is carpeted with bluebells, hellebores, trilliums and wood anemones – as well as a collection of rhododendrons.


The Beechgrove Garden episode 8 2015:


Narcissus old and new varieties

Jim and Carole were in the Trials area discussing the changeable weather. They took a look at the Narcissi that Jim had planted back in the autumn with the aim of comparing old favourite varieties with newer varieties from the same division. Almost all of the flowers on the older varieties were now past and these plants have been deadheaded so it’s a little difficult to compare like with like.

Greenhouses visit

Carole was painting the outside of her greenhouse glass with traditional shading paint. She explained that this is a simple and cheap method of shading the greenhouse. However, it is important to paint the outside of the greenhouse glass. The paint will stay on the glass even in the rain and can be brushed off at the
end of the growing season.

Carole visited Kirklands Garden

Carole visited Peter and Gill Hart at Kirklands Garden in Saline, Fife. Peter and Gill moved to this house and garden 38 years ago, and from nothing they have created a beautiful garden.
There are over 20 acres of woodland, which have been opened up for community access. The more formal garden of 2 acres is made up of herbaceous borders, a bog garden, a very impressive terraced walled vegetable garden with raised beds, greenhouse and espalier fruit trees.

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