Unsealed: Alien Files – Forbidden Places episode 20

Unsealed Alien Files – Forbidden Places episode 20

Unsealed: Alien Files – Forbidden Places episode 20: Governments all over the world may harbour extraterrestrial life in remote and forbidden places. UFO phenomena occur all over the world, from remote places to the skies over the world’s major cities.



But if aliens are among us then where are they hiding? Are governments all over the world harboring extraterrestrial life in remote and forbidden places? We unseal the shocking existence of alien operations in some of the most isolated regions on Earth.

In April 2011 the FBI declassified decades’ worth of secret government documents that contain thousands of reports of UFO sightings and alien activity. Each episode of this half-hour series tackles one alien case by investigating the previously off-limits government files. The program re-examines key evidence and follows developing leads based on newly released information.

Mass UFO sightings, personal abductions, government cover-ups, and alien news from around the world are some of the topics covered by the show’s panel of specialists, who include journalists, researchers, and radio and TV hosts. After watching an episode of `Unsealed: Alien Files‘, you may begin to believe that `we are not alone’.


Unsealed: Alien Files – Forbidden Places episode 20


Unidentified flying object

An unidentified flying object (UFO) is any aerial phenomenon that cannot immediately be identified or explained. Most UFOs are identified on investigation as conventional objects or phenomena. The term is widely used for claimed observations of extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Area 51 has become a focus of modern conspiracy theories due to its secretive nature and connection to classified aircraft research.

Many of the hypotheses concern underground facilities at Groom or at Papoose Lake (also known as “S-4 location”), 8.5 miles (13.7 km) south, and include claims of a transcontinental underground railroad system, a disappearing airstrip nicknamed the “Cheshire Airstrip”, after Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire cat, which briefly appears when water is sprayed onto its camouflaged asphalt, and engineering based on alien technology.

In the mid-1950s, civilian aircraft flew under 20,000 feet while military aircraft flew under 40,000 feet. The U-2 began flying at above 60,000 feet and there was an increasing number of UFO sighting reports. Sightings occurred most often during early evenings hours, when airline pilots flying west saw the U-2’s silver wings reflect the setting sun, giving the aircraft a “fiery” appearance.

Many sighting reports came to the Air Force’s Project Blue Book, which investigated UFO sightings, through air-traffic controllers and letters to the government. The project checked U-2 and later OXCART flight records to eliminate the majority of UFO reports that it received during the late 1950s and 1960s, although it could not reveal to the letter writers the truth behind what they saw. Similarly, veterans of experimental projects such as OXCART at Area 51 agree that their work inadvertently prompted many of the UFO sightings and other rumors.

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