Your Garden Made Perfect episode 5

Your Garden Made Perfect episode 5

Your Garden Made Perfect episode 5: Tracey and Jake have a decent-sized, south-facing garden in West Sussex, but the space simply doesn’t work for their family. As a full-time wheelchair user, Tracey struggles to navigate the tricky slopes and awkward drops of the garden, and gets frustrated that she can only venture into certain parts without assistance.



Jake, meanwhile, finds the space uninspiring and gets tired of trying to keep it all looking neat and tidy. He dreams of a low-maintenance solution. Their daughter Poppy would love the garden to be somewhere she can escape into and enjoy alone or with her parents.


Your Garden Made Perfect episode 5


During lockdown one, two and now, three, most of us have been forced to confront the state of our gardens. The limp area of greenery beyond our back doors has become a sanctuary, a place to venture into when the four walls of our home become too much.

In this spin-off series from Your Home Made Perfect, award-winning garden designers compete against each other, hoping their designs will be chosen by the prospective client. To help win their clients over the designers use impressive virtual reality technology, showing us what the future garden will look like.

For viewers who don’t have a huge budget to transform their lacklustre gardens, Joel Bird, a garden designer with a background in carpentry, teaches us ingenious low-cost hacks that will spruce up any outdoor space.

Following on from the innovative series Your Home Made Perfect, Angela Scanlon returns with this show that offers the same hi-tech makeover technology to outdoor spaces. First up are Demi and Laura from Hertfordshire, who lead a busy family life, meaning they haven’t had time to deal with their lacklustre, L-shaped plot. Garden designers Helen Elks-Smith and Manoj Malde pitch for the chance to redesign the site – demonstrating what they would do with virtual reality presentations that put the couple right at the heart of their new, improved outdoor havens. But which one will they choose?

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