Garden Rescue episode 20 2018

Garden Rescue episode 20 2018

In Stratford, Simon and Steve want a stylish garden with dramatic twists, suitable for the home town of William Shakespeare. But can the team come up with something that’s equal part both stylishly modern and with hints of Tudor heritage? And how about Simon and Steve’s other request? A first for the designers – a feature in the garden that nods to the couple’s interest and career in the car industry.


Garden Rescue episode 20 2018


Brothers Harry and David Rich and rival garden designer Charlie Dimmock all take a trip up to Stratford-upon-Avon, in the West Midlands, to meet Simon and Steve to see if they can get some more inspiration. After which, it’s time for the two teams to create and pitch their designs for the couple. But Simon and Steve can only choose one design to spend their £4,000 budget on.

So will it be Charlie’s design, complete with a car exhaust sculpture park, or the Rich brothers’ sophisticated garden with a large ornamental pool? And will the winning design be everything that the couple are expecting?

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