Gardeners World episode 15 2017

Gardeners World episode 15 2017

In Gardeners World episode 15 2017 Rachel de Thame joins Monty in Longmeadow and adds more medicinal planting to the herb garden, especially those that the bees love. Rachel also investigates ways to aid honey bee conservation and protect the nation’s favourite pollinators.



Monty visits a local garden in Herefordshire to see a national collection of Siberian iris, which inspires him to create a new iris patch, adding warmth and splash of colour into his dry garden. We also discover a garden containing a stunning collection of clematis montana.

Carol Klein is in Somerset visiting the home of one of her horticultural heroes, Margery Fish. And Nick Bailey shows how to plan, design and build a brilliant border fit for any garden.


In Gardeners World episode 15 2017:


How to grow broad beans

Broad beans are easy to grow and utterly delicious, heralding the end of the hungry gap between late autumn and the beginning of bountiful summer harvests.

How to grow great garlic

Not only has the use of garlic in the kitchen increased dramatically in recent years but also the number of gardeners producing their own crop. Garlic is a rewarding, easy-to-grow crop as long as it is grown on well-drained soils.

Grow your own globe artichokes

Globe artichokes (Cynara scolymus) are large, architectural perennial plants, which you could grow for their large edible flower buds and ornamental enough for the flower garden. They can be grown from seed or young plants, are easy to cook and are delicious!

How to stake a tree

Staking newly planted trees is necessary to prevent wind rock and movement of the roots. Movement can tear new roots, slowing down establishment. A newly planted tree will take a couple of years to anchor itself firmly in the soil.

Greenhouse: ventilation and shading

Greenhouses, whether of glass or plastic, can overheat in sunny weather. You could protect plants from excess heat by shading and ventilation.

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