Gardeners World episode 19 2020

Gardeners World episode 19 2020

Gardeners World episode 19 2020: If you have been growing tomatoes along with Monty, he shows what you should be doing now that they have been planted out and gives advice on the summer maintenance of ponds.



Nick Bailey travels to South Africa, where he searches for the wild cousins of one of the most vibrant of summer flowers, the crocosmia, and garden historian Advolly Richmond goes to Alton Towers to take a close look at the Victorian trend of creating theme parks in their gardens. There’s a second chance to meet a couple in Staffordshire who are very particular about the colours of the plants they use in the borders of their cottage garden, and last year we travelled to Kent to meet a gardener who filled her garden with pots full of vibrant colour.

Across the country `Gardeners’ World’ presenters, from their own gardens and homes, give advice and share their knowledge to enable people to get the most out of their gardens. For further inspiration, professionals, horticulturists and hobby gardeners provide fellow green-fingered enthusiasts with useful tips and suggestions, no matter the size of garden or level of expertise. Whether it is creating depth in a small, backyard garden or how to make the most of the latest spinach crop with homemade pesto, presenters prove that the possibilities are endless for any gardener and garden.


Gardeners World episode 19 2020



Growing your own tomatoes is simple and just a couple of plants will reward you with plenty of delicious tomatoes in the summer. There are all sizes of tomatoes to try, from the tiniest cherry types, favourites with children, through to full-flavoured giant beefsteak tomatoes.

Tomatoes generally come in two different growth habits: cordon (or indeterminate) tomatoes grow tall, reaching up to 1.8m (6ft) and require support; bush (or determinate) tomatoes are bushy and don’t require staking. Tomatoes are easy to grow from seed. You can sow seed from late March to early April if you will be growing the plants outdoors. If you are planning on growing your tomatoes in a greenhouse, you can start sowing seed earlier, from late February to mid-March.

Sow in small pots indoors, using a propagator or place the pots in a plastic bag and keep on the windowsill. The young seedlings need to be kept at around 18°C (64°F). Transplant into 9cm (3½in) pots when two true leaves have formed.

Start picking when the fruit is ripe and fully coloured. At the end of the growing season lift the plants with unripe fruit and either lay them on straw under cloches or place fruits in a warm, dark place to ripen. Alternatively, you can place the green fruit in a drawer next to a banana, which aids ripening.

Pond care

Ponds are a lovely addition to any garden and can provide a rich habitat for a range of wildlife. However, without care ponds can soon become an eyesore with overgrown plants, weeds and water that is unhealthy for fish and other wildlife. Occasional cleaning and regular maintenance are required.

All ponds need regular maintenance to prevent them silting up and turning into bog gardens. Small ponds need a complete overhaul to remove debris every five years, while large ponds need thorough cleaning every 10 years.

In late spring, pond algae and weed growth can be rife. There are various ways of controlling and preventing these problems. If you have a large pond with a serious weed or algal problem, then you may choose to contact a contractor or specialist centre for advice.


Emerging every spring from rounded underground corms, crocosmias are among the most undemanding plants. Use them with dahlias, salvias and cannas for rich, vibrant colour in mid-summer. There are a large number of varieties to choose from.

From sheaves of sword-like or pleated leaves, upright, arching stems carry numerous, small, funnel-shaped flowers. Most are orange, though there are also yellow and red varieties, some with contrasting throats.

Crocosmias do well in nearly all soils apart from very wet or dry, preferring reliably moist soil in sun and tolerating dappled shade. Some crocosmias, notably the plant commonly known as montbretia (Crocosmia × crocosmiiflora), are invasive. Montbretia has ‘escaped’ from gardens and is commonly seen growing on banks by the roadside, often crowding out native species. With this particular plant, don’t plant it in the garden if you adjoin countryside/wild areas, then there’s no chance of escape!

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    So lovely to see hard and around the world during the Pandemic. Thank you Monty

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    So lovely to see gardens around the world
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