Great British Bake Off – An Extra Slice – episode 2 2021

Great British Bake Off - An Extra Slice - episode 2 2021

Great British Bake Off – An Extra Slice – episode 2 2021: Jo Brand chews over biscuit week with broadcaster Nick Grimshaw and comedian Darren Harriot, and there’s exclusive footage from the tent and an interview with the latest baker to leave. Tom Allen casts a cheeky eye over the bakes brought along to the studio, and Jo rummages through the photos of the weird and wonderful bakes viewers have been making at home.



There’s also extra footage and photos of the curious so-called cakes that eager amateurs have been creating at home.


Great British Bake Off – An Extra Slice – episode 2 2021

The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice (sometimes shortened to An Extra Slice) is a British television after-show to follow the series The Great British Bake Off. Hosted by Jo Brand, the show features three celebrity panelists discussing the after-events of the week. Originally, the show began airing on BBC Two on 8 August 2014 two days after the premiere episode of the fifth series of the main show, and was filmed at The London Studios. In April 2017, it was announced that the series and Brand would follow The Great British Bake Off to Channel 4 in 2017. The sixth series of The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice returned on 30 August 2019 and concluded on 1 November 2019. The seventh series began airing on 25 September 2020.

Brand and three rotating panelists appear on each episode. The panelists are generally a chef or cooking expert, such as Michel Roux Jr. or Rosemary Schrager, a comedian such as Hal Cruttenden, and a well-known figure who is a fan of the show. The panel has also featured past bakers, including winners Nancy Birtwhistle and Nadiya Hussain. A typical episode begins with Brand reviewing the events of the previous episode while showing clips, including unseen footage from the tent, usually humorous outtakes.

Great British Bake Off – An Extra Slice – episode 2 2021

Afterwards, she interviews the panelists about the current episode and what happened in the tent that week. In the next segment, she presents images of bakes viewers have sent in, the talks about the bakes the audience have brought to the studio, at least one of which the panelists try. In the final segment, the most recently eliminated baker joins the panel and is interviewed again by Brand. The baker is invited to bring one of their “less-successful bakes” which Brand and the panel sample. The segment concludes with the baker being presented a cake that captures their time in the tent. Brand concludes the show by showing a preview of what will happen in the next episode of the main show.

Paul Hollywood

The elder statesman of Bake Off, Paul is the only member of the team who has been with the show since its very beginning, originally judging alongside Mary Berry until the move to Channel 4 in 2017. Paul also hosts the US version of the programme, The American Baking Competition and has served as head baker at a number of hotels in the UK and abroad, after first beginning his career at his father’s bakery when he was still in his teens.

Although it was Bake Off that really made Paul a household name, he had made some other TV appearances beforehand on shows including The Heaven and Earth Show and This Morning, while since making his name as a judge he has appeared on a number of programmes including his own show Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds.

Paul is known for his often harsh comments and for setting frequently challenging tasks in the signature challenge, while his coveted “Hollywood handshakes” reserved for the very best bakes have become a popular feature of the show.

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  1. I’m not a baker but I love GBBO for the camaraderie and the education. Paul is not “harsh;” he is a professional and treats the contestants as the professionals many aspire to be. He may be strict but he’s giving serious notes to people who want them. Unlike many American contest hosts, he’s not mean to be mean. There’s nothing gratuitous in his manner, although I have to believe that some of his mannerisms are “shtick” designed to amuse.

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