Great British Menu Christmas 2020 episode 4

Great British Menu Christmas 2020 episode 4

Great British Menu Christmas 2020 episode 4: Andi Oliver hosts as the top three chefs from yesterday’s fish and main course rounds cook for the judges. At stake is the chance to cook their dishes as part of a special festive feast for some of the key workers who were heroes of the pandemic.



With a Christmas theme and some of the country’s most talented and imaginative chefs taking part, expect incredible and opulent food. For the fish course, there’s salmon and turbot, ‘the king of the sea’, cooked in a giant antique copper pan known as a turbot kettle. For the main course, there’s mouthwatering venison and a roast that combines 12 different birds!

With actor and comedian Kerry Godliman joining Matthew Fort and Oliver Peyton in the judging chamber, the chefs also have the challenge of creating vegetarian alternatives to their dishes. And all this must be done against the clock!

Also joining the judging panel is Professor Tim Spector OBE from King’s College London. His symptom-tracking app, used by more than four million people, has revealed vital information about Covid-19, including the loss of taste and smell, a tell-tale indicator of the disease. He’s also a successful author whose books explore the science behind the food we eat.

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