How to Cook Like Heston ep 5 – Cheese

How to Cook Like Heston ep 5

In How to Cook Like Heston ep 5, Heston takes on one of the most popular ingredients in the UK, the humble cheese. Cheese does of course come in many guises and Heston will show viewers what to do with them all… well almost.


He will reveal the key ingredient for the ultimate fondue, how to convert a block of cheddar into a staggering 4 meter long cheese string, and Heston will transform the much loved cheese toasty from a hot bag of napalm into the ultimate guilty pleasure.


How to Cook Like Heston ep 5 recipes:


Cheese fondue

Cheese fondue
Cheese fondue

The cheese in this fondue should be runny and stringy, not thick and stodgy, and the key to achieving this is using cornflour and white wine. The cornflour prevents the proteins in the cheese coagulating and the acidity in the wine keeps the cheese stringy.

Cheese on toast ice-cream

Because it blurs the boundaries between sweet and savoury, this is one of those recipes that could be presented as a starter, a main course or a dessert. But whenever you choose to serve it, make sure you include all three elements – it’s the combination that makes it so good.

Macaroni cheese

If you want a real centrepiece, cook the mac and cheese in the hollowed-out rind of a cheese – it adds to the overall cheesiness and looks great. But if you can’t buy the whole cheese, this recipe includes instructions for cooking it traditionally. If you can’t get hold of these specific British cheeses, you can substitute them for a good quality cheddar.

Cauliflower cheese

Preparing the florets in three different ways before mixing them with the cheese sauce provides a combination of textures and flavours that makes this cauliflower cheese really special. Like my mac and cheese recipe, cornflour is the secret ingredient to a really good cheese sauce.

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