V-Day - Volcanic Planet

V-Day – Volcanic Planet

V-Day – Volcanic Planet: Earth is a volcanic planet, with over 1,400 active giants spread across the globe. But what would happen if all of them were to erupt at once? From rivers of lava, towering ash clouds, and pyroclastic flows to tsunamis and super-sized climate change, we explore the powerful volcanic forces that fascinate today’s scientists.     Join […]

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How Earth Made Us episode 1

How Earth Made Us – Deep Earth episode 1

How Earth Made Us – Deep Earth episode 1 : Iain Stewart tells the epic story of how the planet has shaped our history. With spectacular images, surprising stories and a compelling narrative, the series discovers the central role played in human history by four different planetary forces.     In this first episode, Iain explores the relationship between the

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Kilauea - Hawaii on Fire

Kilauea – Hawaii on Fire

In May 2018, Kilauea volcano erupted, obliterating neighborhoods with devastating force and uprooting thousands of local residents. It is Hawaii’s most destructive volcanic eruption in generations. How can one of the most beautiful places on Earth suddenly transform into a roaring inferno, sputtering molten lava and bombs of volcanic rock the size of refrigerators?     On the ground in

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