The Beechgrove Garden episode 23 2015

Beechgrove Garden episode 23 2015

In Beechgrove Garden episode 23 2015: Jim and Carole are preparing for the seasons to come as they show how to overwinter a whole range of vegetables so that they will be ready for harvest early next year. Jim is also preparing plants for the winter months and shows how to put begonias to bed.



Also in the programme, Carole and George taste test Carole’s spaghetti squash and her greenhouse-grown aubergines while Jim and George revel in the late fruit harvest. Chris visits Greywalls Garden near Gullane. Built in 1901, Greywalls is a stunning example of an Edwardian arts and crafts garden. Although this is a grand garden, Chris finds planting combination lessons for all of us – but particularly appropriate for those who garden in exposed conditions.


The Beechgrove Garden episode 23 2015:


 1. Half hardy perennials

Jim was in the Cutting Garden as it is coming to that time of year to plan what to do with half hardy perennials over the winter. Jim pointed out the vivid dahlias which will continue to flower for another month before becoming blackened by the first frost.

 2. Winter vegetables

Jim and Carole were in the Main Vegetable Plot harvesting a nice crop of runner beans and courgettes. It has been a good year for some crops but not for others; peas have done well, for example, but French beans have been a disaster. To continue the supply of crops over the winter Jim and Carole decided to plant up some
overwintering vegetables and salads.

 3. Raspberries

Jim was in the Fruit Cage where there are two types of raspberries – autumn fruiting ‘Autumn Bliss’ and summer fruiting ‘Glen Fyne’. The canes of ‘Autumn Bliss’ were cut to the ground in early spring. Now they have lovely red fruits ready for picking. These will be pruned again next spring. The weather has not been the best for the summer fruiting varieties.

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