Great British Menu Christmas 2020 episode 7 – The Banquet

Great British Menu Christmas - The Banquet

Great British Menu Christmas 2020 episode 7 – The Banquet: Great British Christmas Menu reaches its climax with a special festive feast for some of the heroes of this year’s pandemic. Andi Oliver hosts.



Twelve of the country’s greatest chefs, all former Great British Menu winners, have competed to create an extraordinary six-course banquet. But with the second wave making a traditional banquet impossible, Andi and the winning chefs have formulated a plan to make sure the show delivers the feast they have promised to celebrate the country’s key workers.

It’s a bold solution: if key workers cannot come to the banquet, they will try to take the banquet to them, hosting six mini-banquets for key workers and giving others a ‘banquet in a box’ to cook at home. The winning chefs must work together to change their dishes for this new format and prepare them so they can be finished and served in different venues all over the country.

While Andi helps to pack and deliver the dishes, the show’s regular judges Matthew Fort and Oliver Peyton will be rolling up their sleeves and helping to prepare the banquet at different venues.

It promises to be a banquet like no other as the chefs race to prepare their dishes before heading around the country to cook them. They have set out to celebrate Britain’s key workers with a six-course festive feast – will they be able to deliver it?

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