Roman Empire



Dan Snow takes us on a journey around Hadrian’s vast empire.Immortalised in the UK after building a Wall on the edge of his Empire, which bears his name to this day. Hadrian’s Wall, as it is known, is just a tiny portion of a massive structure Hadrian had built to protect the Roman Empire, with similar, sister walls running through […]

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Treasures of Ancient Rome

The Treasures of Ancient Rome [ 3 parts]

Alastair Sooke takes an in-depth look at the art of the Roman Empire. The Romans were brilliant engineers and soldiers, but what isn’t as well known is that they also gave us wonderful artistic treasures. Treasures of Ancient Rome part 1     In this three-part series, Alastair Sooke argues that the old-fashioned view that the Romans didn’t do art

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Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar Revealed

Julius Caesar is the most famous Roman of them all: brutal conqueror, dictator and victim of a gruesome assassination on the Ides of March 44 BC. 2,000 years on, he still shapes the world. He has given us some political slogans we still use today (Crossing the Rubicon), his name lives on in the month of July, and there is

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